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Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO ?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process that is done into a website in order for this website to increase the number of visitors.

What does SEO stand for ?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The goal is to optimize websites for search engines such as Google and Bing.

How much does SEO services cost ?

The cost of seo services in Dubai and Lebanon may vary, depending on the number of pages a website has. If it is just a service website, like a dentist or a restaurant, it normally cost less than for a ecommecer or platform.

What is backlinks in SEO ?

Backlinks are an important topic for a good seo. Backlinks give credit for a website on a given subject. An example of backlink would be having an article writen about your company on a famous media blog. And in that article it would have a link to your website. That is a backlink: other websites that points to yours.

What is SEO website design ?

SEO website design is when you create a website according to the SEO specifications. so before you build it, you lay out the project, categories, keywords and etc, to build the website in order to be SEO friendly.

How to make my site seo friendly ?

In order to make a seo friendly website you need to find out what people search for in your market (the keyword they use) and how many times is these keyword searchable per month. That is a good strategy to begin with. Other things you can easily do is to increase site speed, security and making it mobile-friendly.

How important is domain name for SEO ?

Domain name usted to have a very big impact on SEO. But because Google wants to show the best result for a specific search, it gradually decreases he importance of domain name. But, in some cases they are still important.

How to write good seo content ?

In order to write good seo content the best thing is to find questions people make when searching. Once you find it, just answer it naturally and that is a good seo content strategy to start with.

How videos helps SEO ?

Youtube is the second largest search engine, behind only Google. So people go to Youtube to find information on problems they have. Because video has becoming so popular, it is also making a bigger impact on how search engines show results. If you want to increase your traffic, you should definitely work with text and videos in your articles.

What is local SEO ?

With the rise of smartphones, more and more people are doing searches on hand held devices. It means it is easier for searhc engines find their location, but it also means they are doing on going searches. So it makes sense for searche engines to start also showing results around the person. Local SEO is the proccess which you develop SEO to be shown in a specific location, just like we did when we try to reach UAE and Lebanese companies.

Does CDN affects SEO ?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. Is a service which servers providers cache your website on the closest server. That means that, if you are in Lebanon and you access a website in Dubai, instead of loading the website in UAE, the CDN will load the ebsite in the nearest server. That way, if the next persons access the same website, from similar location, it will load faster. If loads faster, it helps in SEO.

Does Google Plus helps SEO ?

Google Plus, now called Google My Business, is a tool that helps business describe themselfs as well for users to find fast information on a given business. If they are searching for something, then Google My Business is a good place to be found. But it has its own SEO, so it won’t affect your website, but it will definitely bring more visitors.


Buying ads is what I call short term strategies. If you start today with Facebook and Google Ads, you will probably have clients by the end of the day.


Technology has completely changed the way prospecting works. For B2B companies this could lead to a flow of customers every month.

long term

Every business need long term strategies that are cost efficient and bring excecptional growth. SEO is a strategy that will increment your sales day by day.


My great great grandfathers came from Lebanon to Brazil before the first world war.

Together with them they bought a heritage of entrepreneurship and help built, among Italians, Japaneses and other imigrants, the country we now know as Brazil.

This spirit of entrepreneurship was alive in me since I was a kid. So I soon started in the world of business.

Back in 2013 I built Biziil. Because of Brazil’s growing economy at the time, it was a good move to help companies from outside Brazil to enter Brazilian market.

But a couple of years ago I had the opportunity to work with companies from both Lebanon and UAE. And I was amazed at such intelligence and innovation. So I started helping companies succeed with the use of short term, mid term and long term digital strategies.

Did we succeed? I will let you hear from our clients.

rafael neaime


Based on the steps of the customer's journey, we developed a process to bring customers from many different channels, but with a single goal: STEADY PURCHASES

lebanon dubai customer journey

how it works


On the awareness stage, we developed techniques to capture emails in Facebook, Linkedin and Google. But we also develop strategies on Facebook and Google Ads and start bringing customers using SEO.


On the consideration stage, we add the emails we capture to a system, a setup it to send automatically from sales department. We also work on creating campaigns that will make potential customers, who have already seen you, to visit the website.


On the purchase stage, we focus our efforts to make the sale of the product or service. We use retargeting only to people who have shown interest in the company. If your sale can be processed online, we focus on receiving call our schdueling meetings.


Once the product or service is sold, we use buyers data to find similar people online, which make the acquisition cost very low.

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